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permanent makeup removal

permanent makeup removal

I started BrowTendre in 2014 to create a space based on what I valued as a client: quality, consistency, and amazing service where you are always welcomed. I am here to make your experience one of a kind, to listen to your concerns, and customize the appointment for your individual needs.

 I love what I do and am incredibly passionate about enhancing your natural beauty, whether you need my 10 year’s expertise as a Professional Brow Artist and Licensed Esthetician, if you would like the most natural and enhancing Cosmetic Tattooing available, or if you are a working artist who is looking to train with me to advance their artistry and techniques to achieve the most natural results. 

My passion is to leave my mark in the Permanent Makeup Community by bringing forth a new wave of artists who are changing the face of Cosmetic Tattooing, to bring the ease and freedom of tried and true techniques and theories, seen in a new light for the new generation.

YOUR SOURCE for the best and most
natural microblading eyebrows, cosmetic
tattooing, lip blush, eyeliner tattoo, microblading saline removal, permanent makeup, and natural enhancements in GLENDALE, CA!

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Fresh photos show the artistry

HEALED photos show the technique. At BrowTendre, we specialize in perfect technique AND artistry. You can trust our EXPERIENCE to deliver results, no botched brows at BrowTendre! No purple brows, no grey brows, no scar tissue, no pain, no scabbing, NO BLURRING OR LOST STROKES!
Always consistent and optimal results.

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Microblading, Microstroking, microfeathering, Eyebrow Embroidery, Nanostroking

They are all names for making a hairstroke
tattoo in the skin. A brow tattoo? Yes, it is
actually considered an eyebrow tattoo. We
must follow all the regulations set forth by our
respective Public Health Departments, have our
Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate, be registered
with the Body Art Practitioner program, and our
facility fully licensed and insured. I take great
pride in being an Eyebrow Expert in Glendale
for 10 years as a Licensed Esthetician and Brow Extraordinaire, combining that with my natural artistry, eye for color, and
flare for micro-detail perfectionism. I have been
a Certified Microblading Artist since 2016, a Lip Blush Artist since 2017, and an Eyeliner Tattoo artist since 2019.
Since then, I have learned different modalities
in cosmetic tattooing so I can ensure anyone,
any skin type, and any condition, will leave
feeling beautiful and absolutely in love with
their eyebrows and enhancements,


Simply put, microblading eyebrows is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to enhance your own eyebrows, or create eyebrows where you are lacking hair. Microblading eyebrows is one of the best and easiest things you can do for yourself to beautify your appearance! It is a quick and painless 1.5 hour appointment that increases your attractiveness for a beautiful look everyday. Clients LOVE it! When you are in my studio rest assured you are in the best hands in Glendale, CA. The most thorough, well trained, and experienced artist you will find in Los Angeles, CA.

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